Okta Directories

Store, update, and authenticate users from anywhere and anything

Okta Directories is a Platform Service that allows organisations to store users, credentials, and metadata about users in Okta. The Platform Service uses integrations that allow admins to create, modify, and authenticate users, as well as sync users to other application directories.

A modern directory built to support legacy and new technology alike

Centralised storage

Consolidate user stores and reduce the costs of maintaining multiple systems. 

Modern architecture

Use the platform with any technology and any user regardless of their location.

Policy engine

Enhance security posture by applying consistent policies across users and resources.

Connect, authenticate, and move users any way you need

Connect, authenticate, and move users any way you need

Robust APIs

Full set of create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations allow you to manage your users and security policies programmatically. 

Expression language

Expressions allow you to reference, transform, and combine attributes before you store them in a user profile or before passing them to an application for authentication or provisioning.

LDAP interface

The interface allows users to authenticate against the directory with LDAP to support legacy applications or network devices.

Self service

You can give end users the ability to create their own accounts and recover their accounts if they forget their credentials.

Okta Inline Hooks

Inline Hooks give you the power to add custom logic to imports and authentication flows so you can customise passwords and data that you migrate from legacy systems.