Auth for All: Unleashing the Okta Identity Cloud for Developers

 In an increasingly digital world, getting applications up and running is critical to an organization’s innovation and success. But with developer resources at a premium, any developer tool must be optimized for efficiency and usability. Developers also need tools that put security at the forefront while seamlessly integrating with any hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environment they’re building on.

Oktane21 brings big news for developers—Okta is reimagining its developer experience to deliver across the board

  • First, we’ve launched a new Okta Starter Developer Edition, which allows developers to embed Authentication, Authorization, User Management, and more into their applications. The Starter Developer Edition provides access to Okta's customer identity and access management (CIAM) products at no cost for up to 15,000 monthly active users. 
  • Next, we’ve elevated the entire developer journey with enhancements to developer onboarding, richer documentation and sample applications, and a redesigned Admin Console. 
  • Finally, we’ve added new CI/CD capabilities to address identity across the full application development lifecycle.

Here’s a breakdown of how these new innovations create a more seamless developer journey. 

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Unlock the power of the Okta Identity Cloud 

Speeding up time to market is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage, so developers are often working under tight deadlines to get their applications built, shipped, and in the market. With the new Okta Starter Developer Edition, developers can unlock the power of the Okta Identity Cloud to quickly embed authentication into their applications. 

Okta Starter Developer Edition

The Okta Starter Developer Edition enables developers to address a broader range of use cases than ever before by offering free access to key functionality from additional Okta products like Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication, API Access Management, Lifecycle Management, and B2B Integration. The Starter Edition also meets a variety of integration needs with SAML app integrations, inbound federation, and access to the Okta Integration Network (OIN). Developers can use these capabilities to secure authentication and APIs, provision applications from the OIN, prototype customer and partner portals, integrate B2B identities, and more. With the Starter Edition, more of the Okta Identity Cloud is free than ever before for up to 15,000 monthly active users.

Use tools with elevated developer experiences

Developers deserve a world-class self-service experience in the tools they use to build their applications. That’s why we’ve completely reimagined Okta’s developer journey to ensure every step from onboarding to coding is frictionless. 

Enhanced documentation and sample applications

Developers using the Okta Starter Developer Edition will receive custom guidance depending on their specific languages and use cases. We’ve also invested in richer documentation and guides tailored to any level of experience with building auth—from beginners who are just getting started to experts who have already written auth code. Finally, we’ve created comprehensive sample applications for the most popular languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go, as well as framework support for Spring Boot, Vue.js, React Native, and more. These sample apps and SDKs are designed to help developers build auth into their apps as quickly and efficiently as possible. By leveraging these new tools, application developers will be able to speed their onboarding process and quickly launch their apps into production.

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Elegant, redesigned Admin Console

The Admin Console for Okta’s Developer Edition offers a single control panel for developers to simply and securely manage users, control apps, and set policies. Instead of requiring developers to toggle between two interfaces, we’ve unified all functionality into one redesigned console that is optimized for accessibility and responsiveness. The modern, sleek design features refreshed fonts and a color palette that is more visually appealing and accessible. Moreover, the console is now responsive and mobile-friendly, so developers can easily access it from a wider variety of viewports and devices. 

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Leverage identity across the application development lifecycle

We’ve reimagined how we meet all application development needs by providing full application lifecycle support to deliver faster time to market. By integrating with DevOps, SecOps, and API Security tools, developers can leverage the power of identity across a variety of development use cases to secure their applications, APIs, and infrastructure. Building on our existing capabilities with open source frameworks like JHipster, we’ve added new integrations for Heroku to automatically add identity to your apps, Kong to protect your APIs, and an updated Terraform provider to replicate infrastructure securely across CI/CD pipelines. As business needs expand and architecture matures, these new integrations establish Okta as the identity solution for speed and ease along the full application development lifecycle.

Start building today

The new Okta Starter Developer Edition, along with enhanced documentation, sample applications, and open-source tooling, is generally available today. 

For more information, watch our Oktane21 product demo below, check out, or contact us with questions.


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