Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Build a comprehensive cloud infrastructure and increase cloud computing security with unified Identity & Access Management for AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure

Extend cloud security with Okta Advanced Server Access

Extend cloud security with Okta Advanced Server Access

Mitigate the risk of admin credential sprawl

Tracking and managing admin keys and passwords is a tedious job with high stakes. We eliminate this burden by minting ephemeral credentials on-demand that don’t require any management or clean up.

Inject identity to secure your cloud infrastructure automation

It’s difficult to know who has access to what resources when servers are constantly spinning up and down. We automate provisioning and deprovisioning of users and groups to keep up with dynamic infrastructure.

Enforce least-privilege access

Granting admin access is like handing over the keys to the kingdom. There's a better way. We allow you to adhere to your security policies with strict role-based access controls to specific servers and for specific commands that can be run.