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Future Ready Hybrid IT

Trust in cloud technologies has never been higher, but the reality for most enterprises is that Hybrid IT is the foreseeable future. Whether for compliance or practical reasons, many organisations are now tackling the challenge of managing identity across Hybrid IT.

Joshua Kroeze, Senior Director Solutions Engineers, Okta

Hybrid IT for a Hybrid World


In 2020, COVID-19 accelerated IT transformation to warp speed. Implementation time reduced 20-fold as businesses scrambled to deliver new digital services years ahead of schedule. It was an exciting time for IT leaders, but also a challenging one. Why? Because we still live in a hybrid IT world, with most organisations having systems both on-premises and in the cloud.

At Okta, we see 3 broad opportunities to future-ready your business:

  1. Enabling dynamic work – Organisations can drive productivity and security in tomorrow’s hybrid workforce by optimising self-service tools, streamlining lifecycle management and adopting a zero-trust approach

  2. Consolidating IT – after a flurry of short-term purchasing decisions, IT leaders must take inventory of existing practices. Secure what will stay, retire what has lost value, and look to the long term ideal of unifying identity across cloud, on-prem and hybrid

  3. Creating customer-centric experiences – integrating identity with marketing systems creates a single view of the customer and opportunities for personalised marketing – shown to boost sales by 15-20%

Liz Cocker Identity Service Manager, ITV

Customer Perspective: ITV


ITV’s vision is to be a digitally led media and entertainment company that creates and brings content to audiences wherever, whenever and however they want it.

The company went for a ‘big bang’ approach in implementing Okta, turning its Google Workspace over to the platform from day 1. This bold move has brought buy in from across the organisation: drawn by the ease of securing their apps, development teams are coming forward in their droves to get their applications integrated with Okta. Application managers have embraced the benefits of Okta Workflows, allowing them to control application permissions themselves, with built-in checks and balances.

Historically, ITV has had multiple identity siloes, including on-prem Active Directory, an Active Directory of federated services and Google. New starter accounts needed to be set up in multiple places, creating a risk of allowing too little or too much access. With Okta at the centre, mistakes fell dramatically and delays in setting up access were a thing of the past.

ITV’s shift to the cloud has already paid dividends. When COVID-19 forced the
filming of its flagship show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here to move from Australia to Wales, removing the advantage of a timezone difference, production teams had to find new ways to edit at speed. To do it, they harnessed the power of the cloud – making an estimated 5 years’ technical progression in just 14 months.


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