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In the new workplace, identity is key to building trust at work and empowering your remote employees

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The dynamic future of work must be convenient, collaborative, and secure

After over a year of unprecedented change, the global shift to remote work has shown that the traditional workplace is a thing of the past and that success relies on embracing flexibility.

Today’s employees want to work anywhere at any time, but flexibility comes with business challenges. From promoting collaboration, to ensuring the security and reliability of a distributed workforce — the right solution is built on identity.  

Our New Workplace Report 2021 explores this business balancing act and outlines the solution for securing a flexible future.

The New Workplace
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Identity equals trust in the remote workplace

Identity is key to meeting modern user demands while defending against evolving security threats. Many businesses are adopting zero trust models, prioritising robust, frictionless user verification.

Identity-based attacks have skyrocketed over the past year. Zero trust identity and access controls are now more important than ever. With 87% of European organisations increasing their zero trust budgets for 2021, how does your business measure up against industry averages, and what can you do to stay a step ahead? 

Discover the state of zero trust security in 2021 in our new report.

The Trust at Work Resource Library

The reports, papers, and articles you need to build trust through identity in the new remote workplace.

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More than 10,000 brands trust Okta to secure their digital workforce. Explore how we are helping businesses like yours adapt to a secure and flexible future.

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A best-in-class zero trust ecosystem

Okta empowers organisations to establish and build trust at work by making it easy to deploy and manage intelligent and adaptive access controls for any resource type — on-premises or in the cloud. This helps to mitigate account takeover risks and reduce login friction for legitimate users, delivering zero trust security and improved operational efficiency, wherever your users might be.

Seamless & secure global access

Unify all of your cloud and on-prem apps into one streamlined portal, granting users seamless remote access to the right resources they need.

Mitigate remote access risk

Shift your security perimeter and focus on protecting user access to all resources. Integrate your IAM solution with other key leading zero trust solutions.

Deploy technology with ease

Support business innovation by quickly and securely deploying best-in-class technology to distributed users, leveraging Okta’s 6,500+ pre-built integrations.

Implement added security layers

Protect against credential-focused attacks with adaptive, context-based multi-factor authentication. Enable a secure, passwordless experience for your end users.

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