Authentication methods

Federation. Single sign-on. Multi-Factor Authentication These are just a few of the authentication methods businesses deploy, granting privacy and security benefits that go beyond a simple password. Read on to find information on a number of innovative authentication methods that Okta can help you deploy.

Two-Factor Authentication vs. Multi-Factor Authentication: What Are the Risks?

Being authentic is a high term of praise—if we think people are authentic, we believe them to be trustworthy, loyal, and dependable. There's a similar concept in computer security. Business networks are crucial to protect, so firms want only authorised people accessing them. In cybersecurity, authentication means verifying that a person or device…

FACT OR FICTION: SSO Is the Same as a Password Manager

    At Okta, we are highly invested in the latest ideas and practises around authentication and security—and that requires some myth busting. This blog is the first in a series of posts meant to tackle common misunderstandings and myths around Single Sign On. See below for our full list of the myths we've seen (and busted!) around SSO. Single…