Set up MFA for Your Workforce

Secure multi-factor authentication for your workforce using contextual policies and the factors of your choice

Setting up a contextual MFA solution enhances your organisation’s security posture by:

Preventing unauthorised access

The time has come to retire passwords. When using Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, you can require strong factors, like biometrics or FIDO 2.0, to authenticate into both SaaS apps and on-prem legacy apps, VPNs, etc.

Protecting against stolen credentials

Social engineering and brute force attacks such as phishing and spear phishing, password spray and credential stuffing continue to keep users vulnerable. Use Okta Adaptive MFA to safeguard credentials and protect your users against these common attacks. 

Making access decisions based on context

IT and security teams are always fighting between usability vs security. Whether employees work in or out the office, multi-factor authentication preserves a great end user experience by evaluating context such as device, IP, location and more before prompting the user for a factor.

Use the factor(s) of your choice

Each organisation has its own requirements for authentication and authorisation. Choose the factor that best fits the security requirements of your business. 

Authentication factors of your choice