Cloud Access Security Brokers

Make identity management and data protection an integral part of your cloud security strategy.

The Challenge

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Ensure that every user accessing cloud apps is authorized

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Protect data from being accessed or exploited by a malicious actor

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Identify suspicious user behavior in a cloud app, and trigger alerts

The Solution

Okta with cloud access security brokers offers a policy-based, automated approach to protecting data and apps in the cloud. This capability allows you to create security policies around your cloud apps, quickly detect risks, and take action to protect against those risks. This makes identity management and data security an integral part of your cloud security strategy.

Strengthen Cloud Security

To keep your enterprise safe, you need to secure your cloud apps and data from log-in all the way to log-out. Together with our partners, Okta can orchestrate security so you can:

  • Detect potentially malicious user behavior, such as repeated unauthorized application access requests
  • Protect data from unauthorized access and from being exploited
  • Ensuring that network traffic to cloud apps complies with the organization's security policies
  • Automate policies to manage security incidents centrally for trend analysis and compliance

When you combine Okta with cloud access security brokers, you get an API-driven, cloud-based solution that helps your security team combat complex cyberthreats. You can protect your users, apps, and the data within those apps, while still providing a positive user experience.

Protect Content and the End-User

Cloud Access Security Brokers