Okta MFA for VPN

Protect on-premises applications

Secure your VPN to block unauthorized access to critical on-premises resources including legacy and custom applications

Safeguard internal resources

Enable strong authentication to internal resources and meet compliance requirements

Secure access around the clock

Provide identity assurance when accessing resources even when users are off the corporate network

Okta MFA for VPN diagramv2

Okta MFA for VPNs typically supports integrations through RADIUS (Option A) or SAML (Option B).


To secure remote access to your organization’s resources, Okta Adaptive MFA allows for out-of-the-box integrations with a variety of popular VPNs and supports a broad array of factors, seamless end-user enrollment, and a robust policy framework to simplify identity assurance for remote network access.

Okta Adaptive MFA integrates with these VPN vendors: