Cultivate User Trust

A platform for identity driven security and privacy

Protecting user trust is imperative for the bottom line, yet customer accounts are under constant threat and personal data is often compromised.

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Secure customer accounts

Secure the customer identity lifecycle for your apps. Protect users at registration, authentication, and in-app activity.

Prevent data breaches

Keep attackers at bay

Protect against intruders using modern auth standards and machine learning.

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Protect user privacy

Manage consent and seamlessly integrate with with leading privacy solutions for GDPR and CCPA compliance.


Anchor an identity-first approach that negates security vulnerabilities at all stages of interaction with your business.

Passwordless authentication

Improve security by eliminating passwords from the authentication flow. Easily apply strong authentication and reduce friction with a no code factor sequencing interface.

Provide a frictionless user experience

Reduce friction with a single, secure, and seamless identity layer across digital experiences. Apply adaptive multi-factor authentication to lower friction while increasing security. 

Manage end-to-end risk

A single platform to manage end-to-end risk provides a complete 360 view of the risk involved with fraudulent activity on the platform. Easily include API security into your access management program.

Meet compliance requirements

Store sensitive user attributes, consent, and terms and conditions versioning in a secure and compliant database. Have a single repository to manage user profile edits and meet the right to be forgotten. Use Okta’s platform to integrate with leading consent management and privacy solutions.