Okta + OneTrust

Robust, streamlined consent management tools to satisfy users and stay in compliance with privacy regulations

The Challenge

  • The focus on consent management is increasing, and data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA are raising the pressure for companies to provide mechanisms to let users make their consent preferences clear
  • Consumers want the right to opt in or out of a range of marketing or other communications, and the ability to change their preferences at any time
  • Enterprises want to build trust and loyalty by respecting user preferences, and to communicate updates to downstream apps so updated preferences are honored everywhere
  • Given today’s complex systems, it can be a challenge for enterprises to build and maintain a process to accomplish this reliably, while also building and maintaining their core business

The Solution

The Okta + OneTrust integration combines the leading identity provider with the leader in consent management for a best-of-breed joint solution.

Okta’s Universal Directory and OneTrust work seamlessly together to ensure that user preference changes are automatically synced between both systems, and seamlessly shared with downstream applications.

Customer preferences update across connected apps in real-time, so enterprises can operationalize consent management and give users the control they want, helping reduce global unsubscribes.

Enterprises get auditable trails of consent management updates for each data subject.

Stay in compliance with evolving privacy regulations

Industry trends and regulatory guidelines, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), are increasing their focus on consumer privacy concerns. Enterprises need to protect and respect customers’ personal data, but today they also need to provide a mechanism for customers to easily provide or revoke consent to enterprise communications. Creating a manual process for doing this, given today’s complex enterprise systems, would be time-consuming and resource-intensive. With Okta and OneTrust working together, you can quickly automate the collection, management, and deployment of consent preferences, giving your customers streamlined, intuitive consent management tools without overly burdening your IT team or users.


Store consents flexibly, and update downstream apps

Consent changes can come from a variety of collection points, including preference centers, phone calls to customer service, and new regulations or legal events that require the enterprise to upgrade consents across a group of customers. The OneTrust Privacy & Marketing User Experience solution stores user consent preferences, and integrates with Okta Universal Directory through webhooks and API calls. This lets your organization present consent management controls to users directly within their Okta-powered user profile, so they can manage their preferences within the familiar login experience, without the need to log in and out of multiple systems.

When users modify their preferences in either OneTrust or Okta, data can flow automatically between both systems to keep them in sync. OneTrust can also automatically share any updates to relevant connected downstream apps, like Marketo, Salesforce, and Hubspot, so each data subject’s current consent preferences are reflected across all connected apps at all times.


Automate consent management for a smooth customer experience and effortless compliance with evolving consumer privacy rules.

  • Help meet the requirements of best practices and privacy regulations by capturing customer consent preferences, updates, and timestamps in an auditable central repository
  • Automatically propagate updated consent preferences across all relevant apps in real time
  • Empower customers with easy tools to control their consent preferences, reducing reasons to globally unsubscribe