Build user trust, don't compromise on security

The security perimeter of health care has never been more exposed, as a wave of new interoperability requirements brings data to the fingertips of users, no matter where they are, and irrespective of what device they use. For consumer engagement, health systems must shift from transactional, reactive patient engagement through patient portals, to proactive digital front door strategies with best-of-breed apps. The security perimeter is further pressured by legitimate requests from providers and other business partners who need to interact with the applications they use to manage their patients and business. Finding effective ways to provide authentication and access to approved internal resources and the provider’s or business partner’s “external” resources in a secure manner that doesn’t impede the provider’s workflow or introduce unnecessary barriers can become an unnecessary point of contention and frustration.

Juggling a secure perimeter, while making the experience seamless, is paramount to improving patient and provider satisfaction, building brand loyalty and trust.

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