Keep track of users on your Evernote Business account with Active Directory integration from Okta

  • Simple Setup and Configuration - Enabling Active Directory integration with Evernote Business is a simple, wizard driven process. With the click of a button from the Okta administrative console you can download the Okta Active Directory agent and install it on any Windows Server that has access to your Domain Controller.
  • Quick User Provisioning and Deprovisioning - Setting up Evernote Business for all your users from Okta takes just a few clicks. Okta syncs Active Directory group membership and user status, so users are automatically provisioned and deprovisioned as they join and move around your organization.
  • Intelligent User Synchronization - Once the agent is installed and the initial user import takes place, Okta intelligently processes the results.

Connect Evernote to Active Directory - Free with Okta

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