Easy access to Workplace by Facebook?
We’re all about it.

Okta Cloud Connect is free for one app.

If your organization is like most, you use a user store (AD/LDAP) to manage employee identities, which works great—until your teams start working in the cloud. Suddenly, your people have another set of passwords, and you have another set of administration tasks to keep up with.

What if your IT architects could securely leverage groups in AD/LDAP to seamless create and manage users in Workplace? Help IT gain speed and efficiency, and accelerate end-user adoption of Workplace by Facebook.

Unleash the power of Okta for Workplace by Facebook. For free.

With Okta, you can connect Facebook to your AD using the Okta agent, and solve a multitude of login and user administration issues in a matter of minutes. No more password reset fiascos. No more profile synchronization challenges.

  • Configure Okta in minutes. Download the Okta AD or LDAP agent and install it on any Windows Server with access to your Domain Controller, or use the Okta LDAP agent in your Linux environment.
  • Eliminate login and password hassles. Access Facebook with existing corporate credentials.
  • Offload onboarding. Automatically provision, update, or deprovision Facebook accounts when you update AD or LDAP.
  • Utilize advanced features. Take advantage of 3rd-party multi-factor authentication policies, on-network and off-network policy restrictions, and complex password rule enforcement.

Okta Cloud Connect FAQs

Is Okta Cloud Connect really free?
Yes! Okta Cloud Connect is free forever for an unlimited number of users.

What’s included in Okta Cloud Connect?
IT Products (limited to 1 app): Universal Directory, Single Sign-On, Provisioning, and Adaptive MFA.
Support Resources: limited Basic Support (3 tickets/year), access to live and on-demand training resources

How can we utilize Okta's Adaptive MFA offering?
Use MFA with Workplace by Facebook on day one, or integrate with 3rd party solutions like Yubikey or RSA.


Easiest way to get enterprise users into Workplace by Facebook for free:

  1. Setting up Okta in 5 mins to connect Workplace by Facebook
  2. Getting users from AD into Workplace by Facebook
  3. Add the Workplace by Facebook app and Enable SSO
  4. Enable User Provisioning and User Lifecycle Management


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