Okta + Averon

Streamline and secure the login experience through mobile carrier validation

The Challenge

  • Enterprises need to implement a variety of different factors for authentication across usability and assurance levels, including knowledge, possession, and biometric factors
  • They want to use login context to apply Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for riskier logins without inconveniencing legitimate customers
  • Enterprises need a new solution for authenticating secure mobile transactions without making end users jump through extra security hoops

The Solution

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Okta integrates with Averon to automate mobile authentication, leveraging the encrypted hardware already in end users’ smartphones

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Through an API call, the integration leverages mobile SIM as a source of trust, and uses carrier information to confirm user identity in real time

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Authentication works invisibly and automatically, via the secure signaling inherent in mobile networks and the encrypted hardware in every smartphone, without requiring any action from the mobile user being protected

Verify mobile end users’ identity instantly, using the encrypted data in their mobile devices

Averon’s Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA) takes a novel approach to multi-factor authentication, tapping into the unique identifiers that wireless carriers use to identify each mobile phone for usage monitoring. Leveraging the secure SIM/eSIM encryption encoded in every smartphone, DAA supplies a unique ID for mobile users that can be associated with that user going forward as they sign into apps and platforms via Okta, and conduct sensitive mobile transactions like credit card purchases, blockchain transactions. The result is a highly secure MFA factor that’s invisible and frictionless for end users.


Automate two-factor authentication, so your mobile consumers and workforce can focus on what’s important

By reducing mobile authentication to an automatic background process, this integration enables simple, secure sign-on going forward, so customers can transact and employees can get to work. The security benefits persist long after login: for Okta customers, the Okta + Averon integration instantly detects fraud at checkout, reduces the risks of hacked passwords and social engineering, and protects payments, credit card purchases, blockchain transactions, and other events where identity security is critical.


Securely authenticate mobile end users in real time while reducing friction logging in with Okta and Averon.


Securely authenticate mobile end users in real time while reducing friction

  • Dramatically improve assurance levels for mobile users by leveraging each device’s unique carrier information as an authentication factor
  • Improve security for the enterprise by utilizing the highly secure, unique code to help secure sensitive mobile transactions and access
  • Decrease friction and make it easy for users to stay secure, with seamless MFA solutions that reduce customer frustration and transaction abandonment