CyberArk + Okta

Strengthen Privileged Account Access Controls

The Challenge

  • Managing authentication for Individuals with privileged credentials, who have access to sensitive data
  • Securing these privileged credentials, which are a constant target because of their sensitive information
  • Securing the enterprise without putting too much burden on individuals with privileged accounts

The Solution

Okta + CyberArk provides secure and centralized authentication to sensitive resources throughout the organization and reduces the attack surface for identity-based cyberthreats. Okta’s best-in-class SSO and MFA solutions make it easy to verify privileged user identities and give them the access they need. The integration with CyberArk provides additional visibility and insight into user access details through reporting and API integrations.

  • Seamless and secure authentication and provisioning via SSO and MFA
  • Customizable and adaptive access policies reduce the verification burden on authorized individuals
  • Real-time access event reporting and API integrations provide additional visibility into behavior

Privileged accounts are the "keys to the IT kingdom"

Okta Privileged Access Management Diagram

Strengthen controls for unauthorized access to sensitive data with Okta and CyberArk

Okta seamlessly integrates with CyberArk to prevent cyber attacks on privileged account user credentials

Single Sign On

SSO reduces password proliferation where possible, for ease of use for privileged end-users

Multi Factor Authentication

MFA hardens security around sensitive data, thwarting illicit attempts at privileged access

Easily Customizable

Customizable user experience and access flexibility lets admins tailor policy to their environment

Control and Monitor on-Prem & Cloud Activity

Admins can proactively monitor and contol privileged account activity, on-prem or in the cloud

Full Range Support

Full range of step-up authentication factor support for security and usability

Realtime Reporting

Realtime authentication/access reporting makes suspicious behavior easier to spot quickly

Reducing the Attack Surface with CyberArk

Comprehensive privileged account security controls

Lock down credentials

Protect privileged passwords and SSH keys.

Isolate and control sessions

Prevent malware attacks and control privileged access.

Continuously monitor

Implement continuous monitoring across all privileged accounts.