Okta + Intello

Unlock full visibility into your enterprise’s SaaS usage and spend

The Challenge

  • Enterprise SaaS use has exploded, to the point where managing it manually is no longer feasible in most organizations
  • At the same time, understanding usage and spend is more important than ever, to cut costs and improve efficiency
  • Across the SaaS landscape, enterprises need IT teams to provide deep, actionable insights across teams and individuals

The Solution

Gain complete visibility into enterprise SaaS with Okta Identity Cloud and Intello integrated together

Monitor usage to make better-informed renewal and licensing decisions

Recover wasted spend and better control SaaS apps across lines of business

Unlock total visibility into SaaS usage and activity across the enterprise

Okta integrates with Intello to give IT admins a powerful tool to understand employee SaaS licenses, access, and usage at the individual and group level. See what software your teams are using and what licenses are inactive or underutilized.


Gain informed insights to proactively manage software licenses and spend

Okta + Intello together let your IT team use SaaS utilization insights to make data-driven decisions around software allocation. IT admins can audit team level usage and re-assign inactive licenses in real-time to better manage SaaS usage and spend. No more trying to manage the ecosystem of subscriptions and licenses with spreadsheets.


Expand your view quickly via the Okta Integration Network

Using Okta + Intello together means IT teams have visibility to all SaaS applications that are part of the Okta Integration Network (OIN). Okta integrates with more than 6,000 technologies through OIN, which makes connecting SaaS apps to Okta and Intello easy. If Okta is already enabling access to the SaaS apps in use at your organization, by integrating Okta + Intello, you gain visibility into app utilization quickly, without having to build a connector.


Okta + Intello: One-click visibility into SaaS utilization.


Gain unprecedented visibility into enterprise SaaS usage—and control over SaaS spend—with Okta + Intello

  • Understand SaaS utilization for users and licenses across the enterprise
  • Centrally manage your SaaS spend and maximize your SaaS impact with deep usage insights
  • Reassign or remove inactive licenses in realtime, saving wasted spend