Okta + Kony

Deliver seamless, secure, enterprise-grade custom applications with ease

The Challenge

  • Enterprises across all industries are increasingly facing the need to digitally transform
  • At the same time, enterprises need to inspire trust and secure the end-to-end customer experience
  • Customers increasingly demand intuitive, frictionless, and secure digital experiences
  • Building and maintaining these in house can be resource-intensive, especially for small and midsize organizations

The Solution

Okta Product - MFA

Okta’s world-class identity management and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) integrate with the Kony Quantum and Kony DBX platforms

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The integration allows organizations of all sizes to develop and provide customized, secure customer experiences

Enable workforce productivity

Teams can add MFA easily to applications, hardening security and maximizing developer productivity while reducing maintenance costs

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For banks and credit unions, the direct Okta + Kony DBX provides specialized support for creating customized digital banking solutions

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Enterprises can stay in compliance, reduce fraud, and protect against account takeover

Okta+Kony Quantum: Quickly deliver enterprise-grade applications without compromising on user experience or security

With Okta and Kony Quantum integrated together, your developers can quickly build web and mobile applications, or enhance existing applications, and do so backed by world-class identity security. Okta’s easy-to-use security features and Adaptive MFA are embedded directly in the Kony Quantum platform, safeguarding the apps you create, strengthening your security posture and freeing your developers to focus on innovation, brand differentiators, and an enhanced, intuitive user experience.

Okta+Kony DBX: Enable modern, secure digital banking experiences across mobile, web, and more

With Okta’s Universal Directory and best-in-breed identity tools integrated directly into Kony’s DBX platform functionality, banks and credit unions can provide mobile and online customers with smooth access to branded, custom banking applications backed by world class identity and authentication security. Okta’s Adaptive MFA, applied everywhere, lets banks and credit unions of all sizes quickly and intelligently challenge any suspect user for additional identification verification—such as SMS, biometrics, push verification, single-use passcodes, or Yubikey—to help prevent costly security breaches that erode consumer trust.


Learn how Okta and Kony easily deliver seamless, secure, enterprise-grade custom applications.


Give your developers a powerful, efficient toolset to build the secure, customized apps your customers need

  • Combine Okta’s world-class identity management with Kony’s trusted low-code app creation platforms to deliver custom, secure digital experiences for your customers
  • Protect mobile and online customer identities from the moment of login, backed by strong adaptive MFA, to reduce fraud while keeping login seamless
  • Use a single identity management platform across all channels to improve the customer experience, while reducing operational expenses