Okta + SecureKey Verified.Me

Working together to seamlessly give service providers tools to securely authenticate consumers in digital channels while providing them with a frictionless user experience.

The Challenge

  • Companies want to provide modern mobile and digital experiences to consumers in order to increase engagement
  • Verifying digital identity to enable secure experiences is a challenge for enterprises, with identity fraud at an all-time high
  • Industries that handle sensitive information, like banking, insurance, and healthcare, may have compliance issues that complicate identity and privacy management

The Solution

  • Okta + SecureKey’s Verified.Me provide enterprises with a mobile and web authentication solution that simplifies a consumer’s ability to verify their identity in order to gain access to digital apps and experiences
  • Consumers enroll in Verified.Me to verify their identities using personal information they already provided to organizations they use, like financial institutions, and are able to consent to share that information with service providers, individually per each identity verification request, with whom they want to conduct transactions
  • For a service provider’s app using Okta for authentication and SecureKey’s Verified.Me for identity verification, a user can easily consent to passing verified identity information from Verified.Me into Okta to make frictionless, secure authentication a reality
  • Organizations can provide new services without compromising security, and make it easy for their consumers to share identity information to speed up their online transactions
  • Consumers can self-service identity verification for opening a new account, initiating a support request, account recovery, online transactions, and similar functions, saving companies significant IT time and money

Deliver frictionless access to digital experiences for your consumers

The Verified.Me platform by SecureKey works with Okta’s identity management tools to help service providers smooth and secure online transactions for their customers. Consumers enroll in Verified.Me, using credentials they are already familiar with, like the login for their bank. When using a customer app that uses both Verified.Me for proofing and Okta for authentication, the consumer can consent to pass along identity information they’ve already shared with Verified.Me network members into the service provider's app that relies on Okta for account information. This gives end users control over what information to send to which apps at what time, and gives service providers an extra layer of protection to help prevent online fraud. In addition, users can perform self-service functions ranging from creating or recovering accounts to verifying their identity for a call-center or support call; transactions that formerly required a long call or an in-branch visit can be accomplished digitally in minutes.

Save time and reduce costs for the enterprise

This integration gives companies new tools to engage customers online and build trust, as well as tremendous cost savings through enabling identity self-service functions. Companies can confidently provide new value-added digital services to their customers without compromising security, and by enabling self-service identity verification for consumers, companies can unlock tremendous cost savings while improving the user experience. Step-up authentication can even open up new opportunities for companies to safely allow self-service, even for high-value transactions such as document signing or large online purchases.

Use strong digital identity management to give consumers secure access to digital services

  • Increase customer engagement by enabling verified identities to gain access to value-added digital services, with consumer consent baked in
  • Deliver a frictionless experience for your users throughout their digital ID lifecycle, from sign-up to verification to step-up authentication for more sensitive transactions
  • Maintain customer security and privacy across service channels and stay compliant with industry and government regulations