Okta + VMware

Securely embracing the digital workspace

Limited 50% off promotional pricing for Okta, exclusive to Workspace ONE® customers

Benefits of the Okta Identity Cloud and VMware Workspace ONE joint solution

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Secure access to resources from any device

Okta Product - SSO

Eliminate passwords from the login experience

Okta Product - Lifecycle Management

Securely manage the user + device lifecycle

About the partnership

VMware, the leader in Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), and Okta, the leader in Identity and Access Management, have partnered to enable a Zero Trust security model focused on contextual access rather than a traditional network perimeter by creating unified access policies based on device and user context.


For a limited time* Workspace ONE customers are eligible to receive promotional pricing of up to 50% off list pricing of select Okta IT products through your technology partners.

Limited-time pricing

Okta for Workspace One® Advanced

Standard price


Promotional price*


Okta for Workspace One® Enterprise


Okta for Workspace ONE Advanced

Contextual access management with a passwordless experience

Okta for Workspace ONE Enterprise

Automated onboarding / offboarding with HR as a master

Single Sign-on

Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Universal Directory

Lifecycle Management for 5 Apps  

Advanced Mastering  



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For technology partners interested in selling the Okta for Workspace ONE promotion: email [email protected] to learn next steps.


For Workspace ONE customers interested in buying the Okta for Workspace ONE promotion: contact your preferred VMware Workspace ONE technology partner.

Terms and conditions*

The Okta for VMware Workspace ONE promotional campaign (the “Promotion”) is subject to the following requirements, as set forth in this section.  Okta may notify your organization with additional requirements, or changes to these requirements, regarding the Promotion.  The Promotion, and the pricing discounts offered as part of the Promotion described above, shall only be available from November 5, 2018 until April 30, 2019.  Your organization may only resell subscriptions to the following Okta SKU as part of the Promotion: Okta for VMware Workspace ONE (“Promotion Subscriptions”).  Your organization may only resell Promotion Subscriptions to end customers who are both: (a) not currently using any paid Okta service; and (b) currently are using the VMware Workspace ONE service.  Your organization may only resell Promotion Subscriptions that are subject to a one-year term.  Your organization shall only use the name “Okta for VMware Workspace ONE” in reference to the Promotion Subscriptions, and shall not modify or otherwise alter such name’s phrasing, spelling, or formatting.