Build vs. Buy: Is Your Customer Identity Project Slowing Down Time to Market?

It’s a login box. How hard can it be?

Every team building a web or mobile app faces the same dilemma when adding new functionality: Should we build it in-house or use out-of-the-box services? And, more often than not, authenticated user access sparks the debate.

For those that opt to build Customer Identity solutions in house, the logic looks like this: Our developers can handle customer identity. It’s a login box. How hard could it be?

But Customer Identity is so much more than just the login box. As businesses grow and add features, maintaining a homegrown solution can be a major drain on resources. Developer time spent on DIY identity, security, and privacy compliance is time taken away from core business innovation.

In this webinar, we will discuss how dev teams can:

Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of application development

Reduce the risk of a security and compliance breach

Keep developers motivated and improve engineering efficiency

Watch the Webinar

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