Top tech trends with Navan, formerly TripActions

App insights from our latest Businesses at Work report

Our latest Businesses at Work report reveals that travel apps experienced chart-topping year-over-year growth in 2022. We unpack this trend and other highlights from our annual Businesses at Work report with experts from Navan (formerly TripActions) and Okta. 

Tune in to learn how Navan met rising demand for travel, the apps and services most critical to their growth strategy, and which technology they’re betting big on for the year ahead. 

We'll also dive into other report results, including 2022’s fastest growing apps, the most popular security tools, and which strategies companies are adopting for ever-greater efficiency and scale.


Kelsey Nelson - Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Workforce Identity Cloud, Okta 

Chris Price - Sr. Director of Business Technology, Navan


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