Workforce Identity Cloud

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Streamlined access 
Connect Okta with AWS IAM Identity Centre to enable single-click access to the user portal, where users can access all of their AWS accounts in one place.

Controlled connection 
Apply strong MFA to secure workforce access to Amazon Workspaces and other apps including Amazon Chime, Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon WorkMail. 

Efficient authentication Modernize the IGA experience with Okta Identity Governance: add or remove AWS entitlements (either individually or in total) automatically as part of an Okta Workflow, and enable developers to authenticate within the AWS Command Line Interface instead of the SSO view by signing in Okta credentials and Okta MFA. 

Customer Identity Cloud 

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Enhanced customer focus 
Add MFA to your application to ensure a first-class customer experience and add progressive profiling to seamlessly capture additional pieces of information about a user. 

Valuable service access 
Connect with AWS services such as AWS Amplify, along with Marketplace partners, to accelerate development timelines. 

Effective data processing 
Continue to use your existing user database or migrate your user information to Okta using the database-agnostic platform.


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