Emerging From the Clouds…

The last six months have been transformative for Okta. We have been growing our employee base, acquiring new customers, and finished up a year where we delivered no less than 50 new releases of innovative functionality to our on-demand service.

With this behind us, and a very bright future ahead – we, and our customers, are really ready to talk.

Today marks the “official” company launch for Okta. That might seem strange to our customer base who have been working with us over the past year. It might seem strange to our partners who are working to resell Okta in new channels

But we are doing what has become uncommon in the Valley. We are not launching with vaporware; we’re not launching with customers who just signed up last week and agreed to be in a press release.

Instead, we’re launching with a proven product that our customers have been using and seeing real quantifiable results.

Instead, we’re launching with customer testimonials from IT and End Users talking about how they use and love our product. I think Ben Doyle from Enterasys sums up one of our core values when he says, “[At Enterasys], there is nothing more important than our customers. And we selected Okta because they share that same value.”

Thanks, Ben. We do.

So today, you’ll see a new look at Okta – new logo, new web site, new case studies, new product demos. And now that we have “arrived,” you’re going to hear a lot more from us and about us.

You can keep up with us on this blog. I can’t wait to show the world what we'll deliver in the years ahead!