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Top 11 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2011


Okta CEO, Todd McKinnon, has a great set of cloud computing predictions for 2011 over on Forbes.com.  The whole article, with explanations of each prediction, is definitely worth a read, but here is a quick preview:

  1. On-demand enterprise software revenue will break the $10B barrier
  2. The unemployment rate for top talent will remain at 0%
  3. 2011 is the year Salesforce.com will use their awesome market cap to make their first $500 million-plus acquisition
  4. One of the big 5 – Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco or IBM will make a run to acquire Salesforce.com
  5. Salesforce.com transactions will pass 1 billion per day
  6. Amazon will spin out AWS and take it public
  7. LinkedIn will be the breakthrough IPO of 2011
  8. Microsoft's Office 365 will ramp more like Windows 7 or Kinect than Vista
  9. Microsoft's Azure won't fare quite as well
  10. Oracle moves to the cloud -- Expect a big acquisition or two, or at least a Cloud laden OpenWorld next fall
  11. HTML 5 will struggle to live up to its hype