This Week: 5 Featured Apps in the Okta Network

With over thousands of applications in our Okta Application Network, it’s hard to play favorites. Still, every few weeks, we’ll attempt to highlight a handful of partners that we’re psyched about – and what makes them unique compared to other applications in our massive (and growing) library.

We’ll also call out what kind of integration options are currently available, as well as user management and provisioning capabilities that ensure IT admins can automatically add, update, deactivate or remove users and their accounts in an automated fashion.

To start us off, here’s a list of five applications to keep an eye out for:

box logo

Why It’s Cool: They’re making enterprise software sexy (again) and are strong proponents that the future of enterprise IT is in the cloud. Enough said.

Google Apps

google apps

Why They’re Cool: If you’re on Gmail for personal use, you know why Google Apps are gaining traction across millions of companies worldwide. Plus, Google Labs with features like “Undo Send” to save you from sending emails prematurely speak for themselves.



Why It’s Cool: ServiceNow makes IT more accessible, intuitive and social – and that means they’re making IT professionals rock stars in the workplace. No wonder they’re growing like crazy (and have plans to continue to well into 2012).


sf logo black

Why It’s Cool: This public company, all about productivity in the workplace (and not being jerks), has moved from a 12-person private organization into a multi-billion-dollar global innovator. It counts companies like Siemens, Starbucks, NASA and Nissan North America as customers.


veeva logo

Why It’s Cool: Veeva is focused on making cloud-based applications for sales and marketing in the life sciences industry. And they’re seeing rapid adoption. Their customer base runs the gamut, ranging from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Genentech to emerging biotechs.

Taking into account the many applications we’re adding every week, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to highlight the entire Okta Application Network, It’s true. Stay tuned to see which of our partners we feature next!