Okta ‘App of the Week’: Cutting Business Costs with Coupa and the Cloud

This week's identity management partner app is Coupa. In these tough economic times, companies are doing everything they can to tighten their belts and spend smarter. The fact is that businesses spend a lot more on the smaller items — hotel rooms, the office cleaning service, catered lunches, regular coffee breaks — than they might realize. And this often means millions of dollars in excess costs every year. Across big companies and entire industries, these purchases add up quickly!

That’s where Coupa comes in. Coupa Cloud Spend Management (CSM) combines the best e-procurement (how things are purchased) and expense management capabilities (how employees record purchases and how they’re reimbursed) into a single solution that is easier to use, faster to configure and deploy, and more cost-effective than anything available today.

(Information Management recently named Coupa one of its “Top Innovators” that’s changing the way businesses manage information.)

Plus, Coupa’s delivered through the cloud and doesn’t require valuable IT resources to maintain. And with Coupa’s frequent user interface updates, it’s super easy for everyone in the company to use, whether you’re the CEO, a team manager or the summer intern.

Coupa has also introduced Mobile Approver, the first e-procurement application on the App Store, allowing managers to approve (or reject) employee requisitions on BlackBerry and iPhone for those times when the Web and email aren’t handy.

With Coupa, everyone in the company wins. CFOs have instant visibility into organizational spending as it occurs, and employees can better manage their expenses — domestic or international. As any road warrior will tell you, submitting international expenses is a pain. But with Coupa, travelers can simply submit their reports in the foreign currency, and Coupa will automatically convert based on the current exchange rate. No more complicated calculations required.

The Okta Application Network makes business travel easy: Book travel with Egencia, and manage expenses with Coupa. More time. More money. Fewer hassles.