Modern CIO Must Keep a Close Eye on Cloud’s Behavior

Earlier this week on the Okta blog we talked about how the cloud is molding a new kind of CIO and IT leadership team. With greater cloud standardization and adoption processes across the enterprise, IT must empower employees through well-managed and secure app access. Part of what this new role for IT will look like is cloud management.

Cloud management goes beyond acquiring and maintaining cloud apps. Cloud workloads and servers also need to be managed, especially as so many organizations transition to the cloud through a hybrid cloud/on-premise approach.

In a recent article for SearchCloudComputing, Bill Kleyman argues that, “Effective cloud-based workload monitoring can capture performance issues before they happen. Knowing how your cloud is behaving allows you to deliver a more powerful cloud computing experience.” Part of ensuring the stability of enterprise cloud offerings is through understanding how workload is being delivered and received.

Kleyman identies several key points IT needs to focus on for optimal cloud use:

  • CPU usage and resources
  • RAM requirements
  • Storage needs
  • Network architecture
  • Tracking through active logs
  • Monitoring end points

Check out Kleyman’s full article for some concrete ways to implement better cloud workload management to get the most out of your organization’s cloud apps.