Forrester Finds that Enterasys Achieves Over 600 Percent ROI Using Okta

In enterprise software and services, there’s one thing you can always count on: vendor marketing teams delivering glossy customer case studies. Well, Okta does those too, we can’t lie. But ours are better.

The best customer case studies are those done by third parties. Forrester Consulting recently spent time analyzing identity management at Enterasys, a network infrastructure and security provider and a longtime Okta customer. Forrester wanted to understand the financial benefits that Enterasys realized with Okta. The October 2012 commissioned study, “The Total Economic Impact of Okta On-Demand Identity And Access Management Service,” was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Okta.

The results were compelling, if we do say so ourselves. Below are some highlights:

Forrester 1

The key benefits that Enterasys achieved were:

Reduced IT time spent on provisioning/deprovisioning. The interviewed organization uses automated provisioning and deprovisioning to reduce those requests by 75 percent, with an estimated savings of $23,323 per year.

Improved IT admin and user productivity by automating password resets and forgotten URLs. The interviewed organization estimates it reduces service desk requests for password resets and forgotten URLs by 80 percent, with an estimated savings of $164,472 per year in improved service desk productivity and a corresponding estimated savings of $188,602 per year in improved user productivity.

Improved user productivity — working more due to “any device, anywhere.” The interviewed organization estimates that Okta enables single sign-on to critical enterprise applications, either remotely, while mobile, or on-premises, for important staff, with an estimated productivity improvement of 25 minutes per week, with an estimated savings of $446,188 per year.

Forrester 2

Importantly, Forrester has created an easy to use ROI / TCO calculator that is available for your use today. This tool lets you estimate your own ROI / TCO.

To learn more about this ROI / TCO calculator and how it could be used at your company, find us on Twitter or get in touch to let us know how we can help.