Startup Culture and Building a Cohesive Team: WSJ 'Accelerators'

How can entrepreneurs build culture, and why is it important? That's the topic of the week on the Wall Street Journal's "Accelerators" blog, and CEO Todd McKinnon joins the discussion:

Long-term success is not predicated on creating a world-class company culture. Many of the strongest technology companies today thrive because, in their earliest days, they focused on keenly identifying market challenges, creating a superior product and delighting their customers in new, innovative ways.

These companies didn’t come to dominate because they sought to create an awesome culture right from the get go. Only once they had distilled the vision, assembled the minds to execute against it and raised the money to go out and make it a reality did creating a world-class company culture become essential to their continued growth.

Head over to the The "Accelerators" blog at the Wall Street Journal to Todd's full article: "Find Success Before Worrying About Culture."