Appirio: Empowering the Cloud with Okta Identity Management

Appirio is a 100 percent cloud-based company offering consulting services to businesses looking to adopt and manage cloud technologies. During a recent interview with Okta, Glenn Weinstein, Appirio’s Chief Technology Officer, discussed how his technical team sought help to manage their cloud applications via identity management solutions from Okta.

Why Okta? According to Glenn, working with Okta was a simple decision. “We chose Okta because it’s 100 percent cloud-based,” Glenn said. “We liked the idea that it wasn’t solely tied to the notion of Active Directory and on-premise systems; that cloud alone, Okta could provide a holistic solution.” In addition to Okta’s cloud appeal, Glenn recognized its ease of use. “To put it in simple terms,” Glenn said, “it works. It worked the first time, it was easy to understand and it didn’t cause a lot of user confusion.”

How did Okta help? When it launched in 2006, Appirio had only a handful of employees and applications, but Appirio experienced quick growth, accumulating over 600 employees and dozens of applications. “We reached the point where we were giving out 22 logins to each new employee of Appirio,” Glenn said. “Not just the main systems like their email and CRM but also things like stock option tracking, benefits and payroll, and people were honestly having a tough time keeping track of all the logins and passwords. I would say Appirio’s IT team has looked like heros inside of Appirio and the support of Okta is a key factor to that.”

Would you recommend Okta? For Glenn, this was a quick yes. “Okta is one of our top recommendations for CIOs. Okta is easy to implement, it’s fun to use, it’s a powerful, holistic solution, and we feel it gives IT a positive boost reputationally.”

To hear our full interview with Glenn, watch Appirio’s customer testimonial video below or on our website.