App Roulette: Jump Start Your Day!

At Okta, we are fully committed to increasing the security and productivity of our users. In fact, it’s the driving force of our business. Today we are proud to announce our latest and most innovative feature in pursuit of this goal —App Roulette!

App Roulette will revolutionize the way you access your applications. Okta is already helping hundreds of thousands of people get into their applications without having to remember their username or password. However, we recognize that sometimes just getting started can be the hardest part of any task. That is why App Roulette allows you to access all of your apps with just one button and zero hassle

With App Roulette as your work buddy, your life will become easier and more productive! Gone are the days of stressing over which task to start your day on. Now you can ease into whichever one App Roulette chooses for you without guilt or regret.

With the ever-increasing role of worker automation in today’s fast pace world, replacing the choice of which to use with an automated script solution just makes sense. Make the decision to stop making decisions today with App Roulette!