EnerNOC: Transforming the Energy Industry with Okta

Energy management is a hot topic (sometimes literally.) One of our customers, EnerNOC, is playing an industry-changing role in the energy management space by offering technology-enabled solutions to commercial, institutional and industrial organizations. In addition to providing demand response solutions, the company also offers energy consulting to businesses looking to use energy more intelligently. Gerry Wilson, EnerNOC’s CIO, recently sat down with Okta to discuss our role in helping the energy management solution provider move to the cloud and successfully integrate its IT organization while doing so.

enernoc“The move to the cloud has changed the way we’ve viewed identity and access management to some extent,” Gerry said. “While the challenge remains the same whether the applications are on premise or in the cloud, it becomes more difficult when you’re dealing with cloud-based identifications to both manage those identifications and reset those passwords. If it’s not something you’re doing on your own premise, you’ve got to work through your third party providers and applications to get that done.”

According to Gerry, the decision to choose Okta identity management was simple. He and the EnerNOC team selected Okta after evaluating several identity providers because we provided an easier solution to EnerNOC’s existing manual process and our features, functionality and ease-of-use beat out those of the other products on the market.

“We’re very happy with the selection we made,” Gerry said. “The account team engagement has been great, and we look forward to continuing to work and take advantage of the new features that we expect the folks at Okta to continue to rollout and deploy.”

To hear our full interview with Gerry, watch EnerNOC’s customer testimonial video below or on our website.