How Okta Lights the Way Into the Cloud at Enterasys

What Okta does for Enterasys could be compared to what Thomas Edison did for the light bulb: significantly increase efficiency.

imgresThat link may seem far-fetched, but according to Dan Petlon, CIO of Enterasys, Okta “frees the IT guys from just keeping the lights on and maintaining systems, all those traditional IT things, to doing new things: building new applications, and adding new value to the business.”

Those ‘traditional IT things’ are an aspect of the business that Enterasys, a provider of wired and wireless network infrastructure and security solutions in 90 different countries, began to veer away from nearly four years ago when the company started adopting cloud applications. Enterasys brought on Okta to help manage those cloud applications soon thereafter, and hasn’t looked back since.

“Okta really is the single most impactful thing a business can do to facilitate a rollout of cloud applications,” said Ben Doyle, VP of sales enablement at Enterasys. “It makes it very easy to provision applications to employees, and for IT to have visibility into what’s happening with those applications.

Enterasys now has a clear vision for its identity management, according to Dan, thanks to Okta.

“At some point, I’d like to have Okta be the master and Active Directory the slave,” he laughs, “and then finally retire AD and only have Okta as our cloud-based identity management.”

To hear the full interview with Dan and Ben, watch Enterasys’ video below or on our website: