People First, Technology Second

Over the past few years, we’ve seen several forces – namely, the shift to cloud and mobile computing – transform how we approach IT to focus it less on the technology itself and more on the people using it. During his opening keynote at our inaugural user conference, Oktane13, our CEO and co-founder, Todd McKinnon, discussed how these changes put people first in technology decisions, what this ‘people-first’ shift means for businesses and how Okta is ahead of this revolutionary shift.

People-first technology brings the user experience to the forefront, allowing IT leaders to move away from being restrictive gatekeepers to helping companies work more productively and efficiently. They are able to make decisions based entirely on the experience they want to enable for employees, customers and partners, delivering top-line value for the business.

It also makes cloud-based identity management critical for businesses as they create the solution that works best for their company. Identity management is at the solution’s core, ensuring that access is seamless and secure for both the end user and IT departments across all applications. Built from the ground-up as a customer and people-focused service, Okta focuses on helping CIOs and other IT leaders navigate the shift to ‘people-first’ IT – and is taking the next steps to do so at an even greater extent.