New Year, New Use Cases: How We're Driving New Kinds of Value for Cloud Service Providers

Okta was founded in 2009 with unwavering focus on customer success. As we grow, we’ve continued to learn about the companies with which we work, the unique challenges they face and new ways that we can provide massive value for their businesses – and also the audiences that matter most to them. And in doing so, we’re increasingly finding that our cloud-based service is not just for internal use, but also massively valuable to how they collaborate with partners and interact with their own customers.

We’ve already seen shift happen with organizations like Rotary International and Allergan, Inc., who are providing access to content and features for their members and clients through customer portals powered by our cloud-based service. We’re now also seeing a compelling and highly strategic use case of our service relevant both to traditional and non-traditional software providers looking to grow their business through the cloud – using our technology as the identity layer for their own services.

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Today, we announced a new set of features to enable software providers to address identity challenges specific to the development and delivery of cloud-based applications. In doing so, we highlighted two awesome companies -- social business provider Jive Software and global investment management provider Advent Software -- that are using Okta to provide a consistent, secure user experience across their software portfolios. And in doing so, both companies are increasing adoption of their services across their user base and also reducing time to market – not to mention increasing security across any combination of people, applications and devices.

Jive Software, for instance, is embedding Okta’s directory integration into its SaaS offering to provide enterprise customers with an integrated capability to connect their on-premise directory to Jive – giving Jive’s users a seamless solution that increases security and accelerates the adoption of the service.

There’s also Advent Software, which is building new cloud-based solutions, including its newest platform Advent Direct™ and Advent Direct™ Community, the company’s online client portal, using Okta as the identity layer for both. Okta’s Inbound Federation and Directory Integration capabilities will be used by Advent to enable client access to Advent with a client’s own corporate credentials.

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