The Okta Expansion Pack: A New and Improved Okta Solutions Provider Partner Program

The expansion pack: a highly anticipated boost to your favorite game. You thought things couldn’t be better until you added the Seafarers Extension to your “Settlers of Catan,” allowing you to have more players and a bigger, more complex board – or the add-on to your favorite Xbox game, offering a new world to explore through an easy download. Each addition extends play to more places or with more people, offering a new experience for you and your friends or family.

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A channel partner program is just like an expansion pack, taking a core business service or product and expanding it to new people and places – driving business both for the original provider and for the partner. At Okta, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of success with our channel program, the Okta Solution Providers (OSP) program, since it launched a little more than 12 months ago. With these partnerships, we’ve expanded our ability to offer our identity management service across key regions, making it easier for enterprises to adopt the cloud and mobile services that make their users more secure and productive.

Today we’re taking a significant step in that expansion by adding a tiered structure and program enhancements to the OSP. This new structure allows us to scale the program to partners of every size, industry and geography – better supporting a broader range of partners and use cases, and enabling our partners to build long-lasting and high-margin businesses with Okta, who was recently named a leader in Gartner’s first Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Magic Quadrant.

We already have an amazing set of partners dedicated to jointly driving growth in the market with us, solving identity integrations and security initiatives for enterprises – and we expect to amplify this growth with the new OSP structure. We’re working with companies like Slalom Consulting, who’s making it easy to securely adopt cloud and mobile technologies with Okta for enterprises like Frontier Airlines, Agosto, who’s making users more efficient with integrations of Google apps and Okta for enterprises like Corus Entertainment and Velocity Technology Solutions, and CPSG, who’s making financial and HR management easier with Workday and Okta for enterprises like Bell Partners. We strive to work with partners that are committed to building services and sales with Okta to expand our businesses, choosing quality of partnerships over quantity to ensure we can offer personalized supports and benefits to those with which we work. This new structure is our commitment to putting our cross-organizational resources toward growing those relationships.

As our COO Frederic Kerrest said in our press release, “Our OSP ecosystem plays a critical role in enabling our customers to get up and running quickly and in ensuring their ongoing success with our service. We’re excited to be launching this new and improved program as it will enable us to scale the success we’ve already seen through our channel partners and, as a result, come several steps closer to realizing our vision for the Enterprise Identity Network.”

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