The Ultimate User #ConfSurvivalKit

It’s that time of the year again – user conference season, when the enterprise’s very own “back to school” rush is upon us. With BoxWorks starting next week, Dreamforce, JiveWorld and our very own Oktane14 in October, as well as Workday Rising in November, there will be no shortage of conference lanyards (or showfloor #selfie posts on Instagram) over the next few months.

But really, we’re worried you won’t make it through to the holidays in one piece. And the truth is that you’re going to need more than a showroom map, a couple of bottles of water and a handful of Advil to get through this conference season.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate survival kit. Complete with packing must-haves, floor plans and late-night snack suggestions, our #ConfSurvivalKit will not only get you through the next couple of months, but establish you among your colleagues as the user conference guru.

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Stock Your Suitcase

We’re all about comfort. We know if you’re attending a keynote with a (customer party-induced) headache or running around talking to customers (or prospective vendors) in shoes that give you blisters, you probably won’t get to take full advantage of what’s going on around you. That’s why Advil, flats (or Dr. Scholl’s inserts if you’re really hurting), anti-blister Band-Aids, eye drops and whatever else you need to stay comfortable should be some of the first things you pack. (We’d suggest an extra phone charger, too!)

“This Way, Guys!”

Navigating conference venues is never a fun task, especially when organizers don’t make maps available until Day 1. That’s why we’ve compiled the following floor plans and maps so you can scout them out in advance:

Get Your Caffeine Fix Here

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There’s no better way to start a conference off right than with a great cup o’ joe. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite coffee spots near each conference so you’ll have easy access to the best beans in San Francisco and Vegas.

If you’re in downtown SF for BoxWorks, Dreamforce or Oktane, here are a few nearby gems:

We also have a couple suggestions for JiveWorld in Vegas:


Alright, now that you’re caffeinated and know how to get around the venue, you’re going to want to see on social what folks are saying about the keynotes and breakout sessions. (Not to mention #humblebrag about the VIP parties they’re checking into on FourSquare.) We’ve collected all the conference Twitter handles and official hashtags in one place so can join the conversation – or maybe post #selfies of you with Jimmy Eat World (BoxWorks) or Bruno Mars (Dreamforce).




Workday Rising


Late Night Nomz

1 jN0bnRE NjFkvXpIHCwyOyOB5qbnq o5CO3NfoPpM64eJib7 KCGMyc1ri0aS7l8CVUtwkveqNaH2P7zLyynhf7y6dlixhkQk8U7aBTW8tLBic8OqFn3DMZg7hpHBcCQSo what are you going to do when the day’s finally over? If you’re not immediately passing out (or testing your luck at the slots in Vegas), you’re probably looking for nourishment – or maybe another round. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with some of San Francisco’s best late-night eats:

Oola Restaurant & Bar: 860 Folsom St

  • Sunday - Monday: Open until 12am

  • Tuesday - Saturday: Open until 1am

Creperie Saint Germain: 222 2nd St (and Howard St)

  • Friday - Saturday: Open 9pm to 3:30am

King of Thai Noodle House: 184 O’Farrell St

  • Monday - Sunday: Open until 1am

Gitane: 6 Claude Lane

  • Tuesday - Wednesday: Open until 10:30pm

  • Thursday - Saturday: Open until 11:30pm

Naan-N-Curry: 336 O’Farrell St

  • Monday - Sunday: Open until 3am

Delarosa: 2175 Chestnut St

  • Monday - Sunday: Open until 1am

NOPA: 560 Divisadero St

  • Monday - Sunday: Open until 1am

Of course, Sin City has its fair share of late night spots too. We’d recommend trying one of these:

Secret Pizza: 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S (@ The Cosmopolitan)

  • Tuesday - Thursday: Open until 4am

  • Friday - Monday: Open until 5am

Earl of Sandwich: 3667 South Las Vegas Blvd (@ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino)

  • Open 24/7

Julian Serrano: 3733 South Las Vegas Blvd (@ Aria Hotel and Casino)

  • Sunday - Thursday: Open until 11pm

  • Friday - Saturday: Open until 11:30pm

Holstein’s Shakes and Buns: 3708 South Las Vegas Blvd

  • Sunday - Thursday: Open until 12am

  • Friday - Saturday: Open until 2am

Gordon Ramsay BurGR: 3667 South Las Vegas Blvd (@ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino)

  • Sunday - Thursday: Open until 12am

  • Friday - Saturday: Open until 2am

Now that you’re mentally and physically equipped to hit the conference circuit, make sure to visit us next week at BoxWorks. We’ll be at booth #1 and the Okta Theater ready to chat #IDaaS – or more user conference secrets. (We’ll also be at other three, too – booth #s coming soon – and of course, holding it down at the Westin St. Francis for #Oktane14 from November 10-12.)

Before you go, we have to ask: did we miss your favorite pizza spot? Want to share a trick for feeling at home inside Moscone? Or have the secret to capturing the best conference swag? Tweet your recommendations at @okta with #ConfSurvivalKit. We can’t wait to hear what you have up your sleeves!

Safe travels. No doubt we’ll see you soon.