Introducing the Oktane14 Mobile App

It’s the event that we work toward every year, and now it’s less than a week away. #Oktane14 is all set to kick off next week and we could not be more thrilled about speakers and events we have prepared for all those attending.

Oktane14 is bound to be a jam-packed few days where you’ll be running from one thing to the next, so we want to ensure you’ll be as prepared as possible. Which is why if you don’t already have your phone charger, water bottle, Advil and blister Band-Aids packed for Oktane, I’d suggest you get on it. (And check out our #ConfSurvivalKit blog post for other must-haves like need-to-know coffee spots and late-night food options around Union Square.)

Okay, now to the fun stuff. Given that most of us live and breathe by our phone, we went the extra mile this year and created an Oktane14 app (available on iOS and Android) so you can take advantage of all Oktane14 has to offer. With more than 40 unique sessions, we wanted to design something simple to help you navigate your way through Oktane14 and we believe we’ve accomplished just that.

So, what’s on the app? Only everything you need to have the best Oktane experience possible. Most importantly: the agenda. It’s now easier than ever to plan your schedule and read up on the speakers beforehand. With the Oktane app on hand, you’ll always know when and where to be so you don’t accidentally miss out on anything.

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There’s also a comprehensive conference map in the app. Things can get a little hectic with more than 40 sessions spread across 4 floors, 6 breakout rooms, the Expo Hall and Grand Ballroom at the Westin St. Francis, so the map should make it easier to find where you need to be at any point throughout the conference.

And you’ll want to continuously check the Activity tab, the app’s “news feed,” where we’ll update you on what’s going on and coming up. You can post your status, notes and photos there as well – sharing your experience with other attendees.

So, grab your necessities and download the Oktane14 mobile app today: