A Fresh Idea: Del Monte Foods Adopts Okta Mobility Management

From mandarin oranges to green beans, Del Monte Foods, one of the largest branded food producers in the world, has been synonymous with premium quality fruits and vegetables since the 1800s.

DelMonteCansThough the company’s biggest challenge is no longer organizing disparate associations of canners, Del Monte has new obstacles to overturn, many of which are related to its global workforce of 7,000+ and ensuring adoption of cloud technologies. And while TechTarget’s Jake O’Donnell was able to pick the brain of CIO Tim Weaver before we did, we found out why Del Monte needed a solution to manage both cloud apps and mobile devices in our recent interview below.

“We Were Amazed By How Simple It Was”

Del Monte was eager to build out a brand new IT landscape and take advantage of a greenfield opportunity. “We looked to the cloud and needed to ensure that we had mobile capabilities for our new solutions,” Weaver explained. Going mobile was a no-brainer, but Del Monte also needed to deliver that capability with speed and security. “We needed to make sure that we could provision those mobile devices with speed,” but also needed to deliver them “in the most secure manner possible.”

Because identities are so intrinsically tied to a person’s device, it didn’t take much to convince Del Monte to test out Okta Mobility Management. “We were amazed by how simple it was to set up and deploy to our existing users,” and as an added bonus, Tim said the service worked seamlessly with their already implemented identity service, which (no surprise) happened to be Okta.

GreenBeans“We can secure the device the same way we can secure all of our other applications. With the same policies in place for our end users, they don’t get confused by accessing a solution through their mobile device or through their laptop,” Tim added. This creates more time for employees to spend delivering top-notch, garden quality fruits and vegetables to customers.

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

For Tim and his team at Del Monte, it wasn’t just about the security of their users’ devices. “It’s an attraction of talent and retention issue,” he explained. “Whether it’s your employee or your contractor, how you work with that individual is very important. And the more effective IT is at giving modern day technology to our end-user population, the more attractive we can be as an organization to people looking to join the workforce.” Now they are confident that all their people, devices and data are safe.

When both end users and the IT department are equally excited about the technologies they use every day, you know you’ve found success. To find out how you can be successful with Okta Mobility Management just like Tim and Del Monte, head to https://www.okta.com/product/mobility-management/. If you want to listen to Tim’s entire interview, check out the video below or Del Monte’s customer testimonial.