Let’s Get Down to Business!

In today’s hyper-connected enterprise, apps and services are growing to support all work cultures. The modern enterprise movement is underpinned by cloud adoption and the maturation of mobile platforms.

At Okta, we have the unique ability to see what’s happening in the cloud, and we’re excited today to release our second edition of “Businesses @ Work.” This report offers an in-depth look into how organizations and people work today — exploring employees, partners, contractors and customers, and the apps and services they use to be productive.

Our data revealed some very interesting findings. Traditional on-prem software companies are successfully reinventing themselves in the cloud. Enterprises continue to build out their library of applications with new and emerging apps. And, no app is invincible.

Here are a few of our topline findings:

Office 365 and Google Apps: the strangest of bedfellows
It turns out competing apps can be quite complementary. Our survey data shows more than 40 percent of companies using both Google Apps and Office 365 do so because different departments prefer different applications. Check out the full report to find out which industries are adopting each and both of these applications.

Slack is killing it. But it’s not killing email (yet)
Slack remained the fastest growing cloud app amongst Okta customers in the second half of 2015, with a 77 percent increase. Slack is also the fourth most widely assigned app in our network. It’s picking up speed, with no sign of slowing down just yet. In our full report you can see which apps have been most popular since 2013, and which industries and geographies are using which apps, and how widely assigned apps are inside enterprises.

The old schoolers are re-inventing, not retiring
Whether through internal development or acquisition, traditional software leaders like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP are successfully re-inventing themselves in the cloud. Our data shows cloud app adoption within the Okta network from Adobe (Creative Cloud), SAP (Concur and SuccessFactors) and Microsoft (Office 365) grew 144, 133 and 116% respectively in 2015.

Security investments are increasing
More cloud adoption leads to more security needs. While SAML remains the most popular security policy, our survey data shows nearly one-third (30%) of companies are using multi-factor authentication. Read our full report for trends in the most popular forms of verification.

We know the cloud is forcing adoption of a new model of IT — one where heterogeneity is expected, perimeters are defined by people, and business success is driven by productivity.


To learn more, including about our detailed methodology, check out our full "Businesses @ Work" Report. And share your thoughts with us @Okta using #BusinessesAtWork.