Ready. Set. Go!: REA Group’s Damian Fasciani on Why You Should Join Us at Oktane16

Last year at Oktane15, we were joined by more than one thousand customers, partners and developers with our “Onward” theme and rallying cry. This year at Oktane16, it’s all about “Ready. Set. Go” and celebrating where our customers and their organizations have gone

We’ll be hosting our most exciting event yet in August with over 2000 attendees, four visionary keynotes and new perspective from Okta leaders and customers on how Okta is powering digital businesses to go anywhere. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how Oktane16 will be bigger and better than ever, so we’re excited to talk first-hand with past attendees about their experience at Oktane15.

This week, we’re joined by Okta customer and Oktane15 guest speaker, Damian Fasciani, Head of Technology at REA Group.

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Damian: My name is Damian Fasciani, I am the head of Enterprise Technology at REA Group ( We have been using Okta since 2013. Fun fact, I run fan sites and and with that I have a custom made Batsuit and make appareances whereever the Bat is needed!

Okta: Why go to Oktane?

Damian: It is a brilliant event that brings technology and modern ways of working together. Rather than attending talks that are vendor sales pitches, you get to hear real life case studies on how technology is shaping the workplace! Identity Management should now be a commodity service for IT, if you are not implementing it you should be thinking about it.

Okta: Favorite memory from Oktane?

Damian: Speaking on the panel at Oktane was a lot of fun. The opportunity to share our experiences and answer questions was great.

Okta: Where has Oktane enabled you and your organization to go in the past?

Damian: Oktane enables us to learn more about new product updates and stay on top of industry trends. This is required when you are running a tier 1 service.

Okta: Where do you hope Oktane16 helps you go in this coming year?

Damian: We hope to hear more from a security perspective so we can consolidate our position in protecting our company’s biggest asset besides our people, our IP.

Okta: Oktane in one word?

Damian: Informational.

Oktane16 is only a few months away and we can’t wait to be joined by more customers to hear where they are going with Okta. For more news on Oktane16 continue to watch the hashtag #Oktane16.