Unlock the Power of Identity Analytics with Okta and Splunk

A typical enterprise has millions of daily interactions between customers, partners, employees and the cloud and mobile applications, devices and APIs they use. When viewed holistically, these usage events can offer invaluable security and compliance insights into the company’s technology portfolio, but historically this data has been difficult to access.

As an identity provider, Okta is inherently a central point of visibility and control for these interactions. With Okta’s analytics capabilities, customers can analyze threats in real-time, detecting and automatically remediating anomalies by allowing, denying or requiring step-up authentication for access. Built on our native cloud architecture, Okta’s identity analytics give security and IT leaders visibility and control over cloud activity across their entire Okta application, device and service portfolio.

To maximize choice, we enable integration of a customer’s security solutions with Splunk® Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. With the Splunk Add-on for Okta, customers can leverage Splunk solutions to correlate data across their existing security tools with Okta’s identity analytics, providing visibility into identity data, including user and app activity across cloud, mobile and on-premises systems.

“We are excited that our customers can bring Okta identity data and analytics into the Splunk platform,” said Haiyan Song, Senior Vice President of Security Markets, Splunk. “With visibility into identity activity from Okta’s data, customers get deeper insight into user activity across the enterprise, which is critical to adopting an analytics-driven approach to security.”

As organizations everywhere leverage Okta to transform and expand their digital offerings across employees, partners and customers, we’ll continue to build on our management and security offerings. Looking forward, we’re committed to investing in our underlying analytics as well as in partnerships like this one with Splunk. We’re excited about the value customers will be able to unlock through these relationships and across the entire Okta product portfolio as we continue to enhance our data analytics capabilities.

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