Accelerate Your Business' Digital Transformation: Get Okta Certified

Demand for skilled Okta professionals is growing and as our product capabilities expand, we want to make sure that our customers and partners are maximizing value from their Okta investment and driving growth and innovation in their organizations. That’s why we launched the Okta Certification program at Oktane16, to support companies on the path to accelerated digital transformation.

Okta certifications acknowledge individuals who demonstrate knowledge, skills, and proficiency with the Okta service. The role-based program framework is designed for key technical personnel involved in architecting, implementing, or managing an Okta instance. To earn an Okta Certification, individuals must prove their proficiency by passing one or more exams and can then display the Okta Certified logo on resumes and LinkedIn profiles to gain visibility for their Okta expertise while fostering credibility with employers and peers.

Planned certification credentials include designations for Certified Professional, Administrator, Implementation Consultant, Developer, and Architect. Our first two credentials, Certified Professional and Certified Administrator, are available now. After launching these programs in August, we have already certified professionals and administrators at companies like Avanade, IT security company Distology and biopharmaceutical enterprise Dermira on how to best leverage Okta for their company’s innovation.

Okta + Exam Security Security is in our DNA at Okta so in designing our certification program, we sought to both establish a proficiency standard for assessing test taker knowledge and a program that takes advantage of modern testing innovations designed to prevent test fraud and protect the value of the credential for those that earn it. To do this, we partnered with two visionary leaders in the certification development and delivery market: Caveon, a secure exam development and monitoring service and Examity, a secure online testing proctor service. Because certification exams are delivered online, using remote proctoring capabilities, they can be taken from most any location at any time, without travel to a test center.

Prepare + Get Certified Exam study guides detail the topics that are covered on each test and Okta Training classes are designed to help you brush up on your Okta administration abilities. Make sure to try out the practice exams to familiarize yourself with the unique test question format and see how item scoring works.

We invite you to advance your business and career development and join leading customer companies like Varian Medical Systems, Twitter, and LinkedIn and Partner companies like Deloitte, Optiv, Accenture, and Somerford Associates that already have Okta certified people on staff. To motivate your progress, we are extending our ‘kick start your certification’ offer by one month. If you pass the Professional Exam by November 30, 2016 you are eligible to receive a voucher to take the Administrator Exam at no charge through January 31, 2017.

For more information on how to enroll in a training class and register for a certification exam, visit our website. Best of luck!