Why I Chose Okta

Since leaving my role as Informatica’s EVP of Worldwide Field Operations in May, I researched, met and interviewed with over 100 companies while considering my next move. I spent more than 11 years at Informatica and I had strict criteria when evaluating each new opportunity: I was looking for an industry-leading company in a fast-growing market; a focused, passionate team; and a place where I could continue to develop as a leader.

Informatica was that opportunity for me over a decade ago, and I am very proud of the work we did there. With audacious goals, lofty aspirations and a forward-thinking mentality, my team helped the company reach new revenue milestones. We were extremely innovative too — we used tools like Okta to securely connect our people to technology. In Field Operations alone we owned and ran 140 apps, and Okta enabled us to access those essential apps, which made me understand the foundational nature of Okta Identity Cloud.

When I met Okta’s executive team, led by co-founders Todd McKinnon and Frederic Kerrest, I began to see Okta’s enormous opportunity and how the experiences I had gained could help drive the company forward to even greater success. Not only does Okta lead the market that everyone associates with the company — identity management — but the Okta Identity Cloud has the potential to be so much more, by owning what identity can be both internally and externally for every single enterprise. Because the work we’re doing is closely tied to the mega-trend of cloud adoption, our momentum will only continue as more organisations and types of businesses move their infrastructure, applications and data to the cloud.

The employees I have met here see that momentum as well, and they’re driven by it. It is truly inspiring that everyone I’ve encountered at Okta thus far absolutely believes in the technology and its ability to change the way people work and live. In the UK, we would say they’re like “blackpool rock” — cut them in half and they have Okta written all the way through! In other words, the employees don’t just view their work here as a job, rather it is a defining part of who they are. It’s the kind of passion that people search for throughout their careers, and I intend to help Okta foster that passion as the company continues to grow.

As Okta enters the next phase of its evolution — expanding its footprint with offices and customers around the world — I look forward to working with Okta’s fantastic go-to-market teams, navigating unchartered waters, and growing together as a result on the next phase of the Okta journey.

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