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Knowledge is a Superpower: What’s New in Education Services

Laura Brumage
Laura Brumage
Vice President, Education Services

We kicked off the “school year” with a bang at Oktane17.  Our hands-on training labs were overflowing with IT professionals and developers seeking to expand their knowledge and use of the Okta Identity Cloud.  The Okta Certification Center welcomed over 50 new certified customers and partners into the program.  Whether you were able to join us in Las Vegas or not, we’ve got plenty of new advanced courses to help you do more with Okta. Plus, we just launched our first-ever certification challenge so you can stand out from the pack and gain the recognition you deserve for your Okta superpowers.  

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The OktaSmart Certification Challenge
We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Okta Certification program. In the past year, hundreds of people have demonstrated their expertise and become Okta Certified Professionals, Okta Certified Administrators, and Okta Certified Consultants.  Okta certifications foster individual career advancement, aid hiring managers in finding qualified job candidates, and promote the use of advanced features so that your organization maximizes benefit from their Okta investment. If you are not yet certified, now is the time to join the OktaSmart Certification Challenge!

We invite you to challenge yourself and earn an Okta certification (or three) before January 31, 2018.  The OktaSmart Challenge is an end-to-end program to ramp your knowledge and skills and celebrate your achievements.  Earning certification credentials also earns you points that you can use to reward yourself as well as a chance for your company to win an Oktane18 VIP Experience package.  

We have plenty of tools to help you prepare and are eager to tell you about them.  Register below for one of our upcoming exam prep webinars and if you’re a customer, check out the OktaSmart Challenge details here: https://www.okta.com/certification-challenge

Preparation Webinars

You can learn more about the Okta Certification Program at okta.com/services/certification/.

New Advanced Training Courses
The curriculum team here at Okta has been busy developing a set of new advanced course offerings designed to take your use of the Okta Identity Cloud to new heights. If you’ve mastered the basics of securely managing employee identity and access to internal applications and are ready to tackle complex architecture scenarios and modern app use cases, then check out our growing catalog.

For Okta Administrators
Okta Essentials (Instructor-led Training)
This is the foundational course that’s a must for Okta Administrators. Get hands-on experience creating and configuring users and applications and learn about best practices and troubleshooting techniques to help maximize your Okta investment. > register

Deploy Office 365 (Instructor-led Training)
Did you know Office 365 is the #1 app is our network? In this class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Office 365 for Okta, including four distinct ways to configure the app and mobile device management capabilities that allow you to securely administer your O365 user population. > register

*NEW Advanced Mastering Techniques with Okta  (Instructor-led Training)
Learn advanced techniques to centralize control and visibility of your user lifecycle through application or API mastering and how to approach multi-domain/multi-forest Active Directory scenarios. > register

*NEW Inbound Federation: Using Okta as a Service Provider (Instructor-led Training)
Learn how the Okta Identity Cloud secures connections with standards-based federation to any number of identity providers and how it negotiates and manages trust across a variety of implementations.  > register

*NEW Okta IdP Integration for On-Premise Applications   (Instructor-led Training)
Learn about technologies such as API as-a-master, SCIM, and on-premise provisioning (OPP) to solve custom user lifecycle management scenarios involving hybrid cloud/on-premise environments. > register

For Okta Developers
Platform for Developers (Instructor-led Training)
Learn how to integrate custom B2B apps with Okta’s Identity Management / Security APIs using best practices and established workflows. > register

*NEW Automate Lifecycle Management with SCIM  (Instructor-led Training)
Learn about the SCIM standard and how to use it with Okta to automate user lifecycle management in your applications. > register

*NEW SSO + API Access Management with OIDC + OAuth  (Instructor-led Training)
Learn about OAuth actors and flows, how JSON Web Tokens work, and OpenID Connect and its use as an identity framework for both Social Auth and Single Sign-On (SSO). > register

For Okta Partner Consultants
Technical Consultant Boot Camp (Instructor-led Training)
Become an expert on implementing Okta using a two-phase implementation approach. In phase 1, you’ll configure a single Active Directory domain, then configure additional user accounts in a third-party LDAP domain, and integrate Salesforce and Box. In phase 2, you’ll integrate additional apps such as G Suite, Office 365, and a custom app. > register

Not sure which class is right for you?  Send us a note and we will tailor a training plan that is appropriate for you or your team.  School is back in session-- let’s keep learning!

ES Laura BrumageII
Laura Brumage
Vice President, Education Services

In her role as Vice President of Education Services at Okta, Laura Brumage is responsible for the design and delivery of training, certification, and enablement programs that develop Okta employee, customer, and partner experts around the globe.  Laura is passionate about using modern technologies to innovate great learning experiences.  Prior to joining Okta, she contributed to the building of highly scalable and profitable training and certification programs at Siebel Systems, Oracle, NetSuite, and C3 IoT.  She loves her job at Okta because “building learning programs for awesome technology stacks like Okta is what leaders like me crave the opportunity to do.”