Why Okta is the Box Technology Partner of the Year

When we think of the needs of companies scaling to the cloud today, we think of mobility, collaborative digital workspaces, a shared and secure hub of information for team members, and the need for a central point of control. We have watched Box grow into the go-to content management solution for today’s leading companies by addressing those needs and connecting every application within the enterprise. And with that comes the need for seamless identity access management as well.

“When Okta is the identity foundation at a customer, we see a significant difference when we implement Box,” says Tim Smith, VP Consulting at Box. “Okta allows Box to know who we’re rolling out to, what access they should have and what they can do on Day Zero. This makes it easy for the business to deploy and manage – and even easier for users to be productive and collaborate.”

The Future of Work Our partnership with Box was one of our first, starting in 2011. Today, with thousands of joint customers, we’re honored to share that we are the Box Technology Partner of the Year, announced at BoxWorks 2017. The key theme of BoxWorks this year was building the future of work – how you power your business, how you build your apps, how you manage information. For 10 years, Box has championed collaboration on a single, open platform. For eight years, we’ve championed seamless access that’s secure and scalable. Through our partnership, Box customers can leverage the Okta identity platform with Box’s best-in-class Cloud Content Management platform, and we’re thrilled to be celebrating this achievement.

Better Together We continue to build on this integration to provide companies with the natural next step in their digital transformation. After all, when it comes to content management and identity access management, one usually begets the other. By partnering, we’ve already solved two of the biggest headaches IT teams face when they scale to the cloud. "Box has been critical to Okta's growth as a company and as an the leading integration partner in our ecosystem. As a mission-critical application in a 'best-of-breed' IT stack world, Box has helped create a great opportunity for Okta to position itself as the go-to identity management solution for thousands of joint customers,” said Ernesto Tey, Sr. Director of Global ISV Alliances at Okta. “Our joint cadence at all levels of the company, our continued investment in our integrations, and our natural fit for each other has our customers realize, on a daily basis, the promise of cloud in a secure and collaborative way."

Benefits include:

  • Giving employees easy and immediate access to the Box content they need

  • Deploying Box faster and more broadly with automated user provisioning

  • Deprovisioning inactive users to ensure security, reduce the cost of idle Box accounts, and ensure no loss of content

  • Securing access to Box data on all endpoints in a BYOD world

  • Integrating Box with complex Active Directory environments, such as multiple domains and forests

Joint customer Eurostar was looking for a content management tool that enabled secure and easy collaboration, but also could be complemented with a single sign-on solution. Employees were tired of memorizing different passwords for different systems, and so they selected the integration to solve both needs at once.

The Box and Okta partnership has also evolved to manage B2B and B2C applications. For developers building applications involving content, Box Platform becomes the foundation on which to build engaging digital experiences, while Okta provides the secure, seamless login experience with customer identity management.

In either case, our partnership with Box means that we ensure our customers are as productive and secure as possible. We’re excited to celebrate this milestone, and we’ll continue to work with Box to build best-of-breed integrations for our customers – so they too can focus on what they do best.

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