ScaleFT + Okta: Making Zero Trust a Reality

Todd McKinnon and I have long shared a vision of building an iconic technology company. We will only achieve that vision if we continue innovating — and if we bring on the best people to drive that innovation. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired ScaleFT, an early pioneer in Zero Trust, which will bring automatic firepower to both our security offerings and our team.

It should come as no surprise that the traditional workspace is thing of the past. Employees are working from home, coffee shops and airplanes, and as the adoption of cloud apps and mobile devices in the enterprise continues to grow, companies must re-evaluate their traditional approaches to enterprise security. Our customers and partners are learning that they can no longer trust their network, and they’re focusing instead on device security. Rather than trusting everyone behind a firewall, now IT and security leaders must trust no one — inside or outside the organization.

Founded in 2015, ScaleFT is a pioneer in Zero Trust — their team has been focused on providing a BeyondCorp-inspired access management platform that enables secure remote access without a VPN. Hailing from companies like Rackspace, The Apache Foundation and Yahoo — to name just a few — the ScaleFT team has decades of IT experience and understand our customers’ security needs and pain points. I’m also excited to have CTO and co-founder Paul Querna join us to lead the strategy and execution of Okta's Zero Trust architecture, CSO Marc Rogers joining as Executive Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, and CEO and co-founder Jason Luce managing the transition between the two companies.

Together, we’ll work to bring Zero Trust to the enterprise by providing organizations with a framework to protect sensitive data, without compromising on experience. Okta and ScaleFT plan to deliver next-generation continuous authentication capabilities to secure server access — from cloud to ground.

We’re delighted to welcome the ScaleFT team to the Okta family. And we look forward to working together to make Zero Trust a reality for our customers.


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