Okta + VMware Evolve Integrations to Offer More Customer Value

One of the most interesting parts of working at Okta is seeing first hand how modern Identity impacts the adoption of SaaS products and platforms. Helping our customers achieve success –– whether it's helping launch their first cloud application (often times O365) or securing their enterprise digital workspace across a multitude of device types –– is something we take great pride in. After all, identity is an enabler (contact us to learn more). Our customers' willingness to change the way they fundamentally operate is a testament to the confidence they have in the secure approach Okta and it's partners take to enable a best-of-breed product environment. This week at VMworld, Okta and VMware's partnership DNA is on full display through the launch of advanced integrations to solve customer-requested use cases.

Last year, we announced a partnership and integration between Okta's Identity Cloud and VMware's Workspace ONE to offer best-of-breed Identity and Workspace Management choice to customers. The two platforms together offer the most robust controls for both User and Device security, offering administrators a 360-degree view of their environments to make informed access decisions and protect their most critical assets. Adobe is one company leveraging the two products to enable their Zero Trust Enterprise Network, and there are many more that are seeing initial success through the Okta and VMware partnership. But, these joint customers wanted additional functionality between the two solutions.

We're excited about VMware's announcement of provisioning support for Okta's Identity Cloud into Workspace ONE. This functionality gives customers complete control over their user populations directly from Okta. To be more direct, it enables Workspace ONE use cases without Active Directory in the picture at all. This is huge for organizations with non-AD user populations and organizations that are looking to leverage other sources of truth, such as their HR system (e.g. Workday). Additionally, Okta has evolved its Device Trust integration with VMware to support rich information exchange when Workspace ONE is providing Device Management. This allows Okta to support more granular use cases, such as, allowing a user to access protected applications from an unmanaged device if additional MFA prompts are successfully completed. The beautiful part is customers are able to determine the access policies for their user populations.

VMware's announcement of provisioning support for Okta, and Okta's continual evolution of the Universal Directory and Device Trust platforms, enable you to materially advance your Zero Trust journey. We highly encourage you to take advantage of the standards-based integrations between these two platforms to help your users and administrators.

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In addition, we're speaking with Pinnacle Financial Partners to learn how they modernized and secured access to critical applications across Windows, Android and iOS with a combination of the Okta Identity Cloud and VMware Workspace ONE, and empowered employees and affiliates to use the device and access method they prefer while keeping the business safe.

Juggling Okta, Workspace ONE, and Office 365

When: Tuesday, August 27, 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Where: Moscone South, Esplanade, Room 157


  • Joe Diamond, Vice President, Product Marketing, Okta
  • Pratt Lewis, Director of IT Strategic Services, Pinnacle Financial Partners

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