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Okta One-Minute Case Study: Priceline

Alyssa Arian Okta
Alyssa Arian
Customer Reference Associate

As you plan your travels home for the holidays, it’s apps like Priceline that help you get there. Recently they needed to make a move of their own from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Priceline required a modern identity management solution with a thoughtful implementation. They also needed immediate ROI for their IT teams and a seamless employee experience.

We're proud to share their implementation story with you. Too busy to read their full customer journey this holiday season? Get the critical takeaways below in our 1-minute case study.

Okta + Priceline

Want more info? Read about their journey and watch the video here.


AlyssaArian 0
Alyssa Arian
Customer Reference Associate

As part of Okta's Customer Marketing team, Alyssa is responsible for scaling the Advocacy Program to further expand customer partnerships and driving enablement in the sales organization. Alyssa studied marketing at the University of San Francisco and lives in SF, where she enjoys nearby hiking, snowboarding and live music.